Khalifa Al-Khatiri’s Law Firm

Khalifa Al-Khatiri’s Law Firm,is headed by one of the most distinguished and experienced lawyers in the country, Zainab Mohammed. Our Firm is specialized in presenting legal consultancy for companies, institutions and individuals. The defence and pleadings of all types of cases including civil, criminal, administrative, marine, and legitimate. Your case is in safe hands with us.

The legal profession, the judiciary are both involved in the achievement of justice and reaffirm the rule of law and in ensuring the right to defend citizens’ rights and freedoms, and the lawyers are practicing the legal profession alone in the independence and there are no authority over them, only to their conscience and the law.

Legal Advice in Minutes

1- Ask your detailed legal question.
2- Get an answer from a lawyer that specializes in your issue.
3- Resolve your issue and be on your way.